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Chris in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency published on 20, February 2016

US Election Excitement Rises With Bitcoin Betting

The US presidential election is just months away and debates as to which candidate deserves to represent the parties and to take the highest seat continue to heat up. This has already spread across the Bitcoin prediction markets as election-related topics become hot events for Bitcoin bettors. BetMoose, Fairlay, Augur, and are some of the online prediction sites that cover the US elections. Even some sportsbooks like Nitrogen Sports and OneHash are likely to open bets for Bitcoin election betting .

“The US presidential election is a major world event. With Bitcoin, people from all over the world can join in America’s excitement as it chooses its next leader while they earn their share of successful bets.”

Bit-X Debit Cards Enable Convenient Payment System

Bit-X is a licensed cryptocurrency trading platform for Bitcoin and Litecoin, and it became the latest company to offer a Bitcoin debit card, which comes in various types. The Bit-X debit cards enables user to shop online, pay bills, and withdraw funds from the ATM using any of the balance loaded to its card. The Bit-X cards supports BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, and GBP.

“Users of Bitcoin and Litecoin will find the Bit-X debit cards more than useful. Other than making payments online and offline, they can also receive cashback rewards of 10 satoshis or 0.0000001 BTC for every spent amount of €/$/£0.01.” Ensures Trust With Transparency is not the typical Bitcoin roulette game online. It is a blockchain-based game that features transparent and honest gameplay reflected on its European-inspired roulette. The FancyHash Bitcoin roulette bears simple design aesthetics and gives more emphasis on the gameplay and provable fairness rather than graphics.

“ takes it a step further by releasing how the site determines the winning number, presenting how its game is provably fair. It starts by skipping the null characters in the code from the left plus one except for zero. The next two characters are then changed into a hexadecimal number.”

Steam’s Bitcoin Use Will Bring Monumental Changes

Talks of Valve accepting Bitcoin through Steam surfaced recently as a source code for its Bitcoin integration was leaked online. If true, users can purchase online games using the digital currency. Popular titles like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global offensive—games favored for Bitcoin eSports betting, are available on Steam. BitPay will be in charge of processing Bitcoin payments, and will be instrumental in allowing for an increase in Bitcoin adoption .

“The real winner in this scenario is BitPay. Already one of the largest Bitcoin payment processors in the world, this will raise the company’s profile exponentially. People can expect that BitPay will be using its new Payment Protocol for Steam transactions, which is monumental.”

Bitcoin and Gambling: Russia Deals With Change

Russia appears to be softening up on online gambling and even Bitcoin as recent developments hint to friendlier policies and behavior toward these two rather controversial matters. Legalizing online poker may soon happen while pro-Bitcoin regulatory laws are in the works.

“This has even resulted in Bitstamp opening its doors once again to Russians. Plus, the blockchain technology behind Bitcoin is being investigated by the Russian central bank for future use.”

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