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Roundup: London Bitcoin Forum, Intel & Coinbase

Chris in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency published on 5, March 2016

London Bitcoin Forum Highlights Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling continues to take on a significant part of the Bitcoin ecosystem, and this is recognized by this year’s London Bitcoin Forum by dedicating a panel to this topic. The two-day event expects over 900 attendees who will witness more than 60 expert speakers take center stage.

“Gathering at the QEII Centre at the very heart of London, Bitcoin enthusiasts, analysts, and users can meet and discuss the latest developments in both Bitcoin and blockchain technology. With demos and panels spread out over the two days, there is a lot that people can learn about the current state of Bitcoin”

Intel Uses Fantasy Sports To Test Own Blockchain

Intel believed that adding fantasy sports on blockchain is the best way to test its very own blockchain. Intel employees were encouraged to take part in its fantasy sports league, the results of which will help the company determine the areas it can improve to create the perfect non-Bitcoin blockchain.

“Intel’s aim with this test was to see the robustness of the blockchain protocols that they have internally developed, with a situation that would closely mirror how people would be using the blockchain in the wild.”

Coinbase Is A Retail Exchange In The Making

CEO Brian Armstrong publicly revealed that Coinbase will eventually become a full retail exchange in the future, but it will keep its wallet services running in the background. He said this step will eliminate the confusion among the users who classify Coinbase as an exchange or as a wallet.

“With Coinbase shifting in its priorities, this can result in problems for many using Coinbase wallets for whatever purpose serves them. Armstrong even emphasized that using Coinbase may mean a loss in privacy.”

How Vital Is Bitcoin Wallet Privacy For Bettors?

According to the second edition Open Bitcoin Privacy Project report on Bitcoin wallet privacy , Ledger wallet offers users the most privacy when using a Bitcoin wallet. Unfortunately, it only received a 50/100 score, signaling how inadequate wallet services are in terms of user privacy.

“Ledger, a Bitcoin hardware wallet, edges the web wallets in this aspect, but it is overtaken by the less private wallets in terms of convenience and ease of use. This only establishes the need to tap both kinds of wallets, even when engaged in Bitcoin gambling, to maximize privacy and security while enjoying quality Bitcoin casino games.”

Why The Need For Gambling-Friendly Exchanges

Quick and reliable Bitcoin exchanges are preferred by online gambling enthusiasts simply because they can deliver services in a timely manner. These gambling-friendly Bitcoin exchanges are essential in Bitcoin gambling for players to conveniently convert fiat to Bitcoin and vice versa.

“Even with Bitcoin’s increasing market penetration, enjoying Bitcoin casino winnings is still problematic. This is mostly because not everyone accepts the cryptocurrency. To truly enjoy a casino victory, players will want to convert their bitcoins into always-accepted fiat currency. It is not just with withdrawals. Deposits can also be more convenient if fiat currency were converted into bitcoins beforehand.”

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