Roundup: Johnny The Octopus, Weathbet & CoinFestUK

Chris in Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency published on 6, February 2016

Release The Kraken: Johnny The Octopus Spins Soon

Johnny The Octopus slot is the newest game developed by SoftSwiss. It is the first slot game to use the WebGL platform, thereby promising impressive high-definition 3D graphics and animations all through out. Bettors can play the latest slot from SoftSwiss on LimoPlay, along with other Bitcoin casinos with the SoftSwiss technology and game content on board.

“The game offers a full 3D experience to everyone playing, no matter what the device or platform. This means that players are not limited to a specific browser or device when playing, thanks to the WebGL technology. Additionally, unlike other games that boast 3D graphics, Johnny the Octopus provides a complete package; this means it is not just the backgrounds and special scenes that get the 3D treatment but the entire playing screen.”

Weathbet Makes Weather Betting Easy With Bitcoin

It is now possible to place weather bets on Weathbet . A Bitcoin prediction market, this betting site enables players to place wagers on the temperature, wind speed, and atmospheric pressure of over 5,000 cities across the globe. Players can be in the form of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.

“Moreover, gamblers can be sure that their wins and losses are legitimate. The site uses government weather stations and often publishes the actual weather conditions after the bet has expired. Making money off the weather was never this easy. Interested gamblers should drop by and see what this Bitcoin prediction market for weather betting has to offer them.”

CoinFestUK 2016 Presents Sponsorship Opportunity

This year’s CoinFestUK is set to happen two months from now, and the opportunities for businesses to exhibit their brand and products in this event are still up for grabs. Platinum sponsors are needed, as well as companies that feature mining products and PC equipment to be the newest addition to the list of CoinFestUK sponsors .

“For those companies who opt to give 13 BTC and reach the Platinum tier, they get to see their logo up front and center on all promo materials larger than others, while receiving all of the other benefits. Additionally, Platinum sponsors will be added to CoinFestUK’s multi-signature wallet and have a chance to give their own input on how the event will go.”

Nitrogen Sports Offers ‘Big Game’ Super Bowl Deals

Bitcoin sportsbook Nitrogen Sports launched for this year’s Super Bowl event a week-long deal called the Big Game Sunday promotions. There are five ways to maximize the promotions from Feb. 1 to Feb. 7 and they are betting on sports, as well as playing dice, blackjack, and poker. During the halftime of Super Bowl 50, the winner of the Big Game Grand Prize giveaway will be drawn.

“Alongside these promos, the site will be having on Feb. 7 a Grand Prize draw of 1 BTC that is open to all those who participated in other promotions.”

Bitcoin And Charity: The Other Side Of The Coin

Bitcoin is normally presented negatively in mainstream media, to the point that such bad press already plays a part in affecting Bitcoin’s rate of adoption. The controversies, cybercrimes, and scandals are highlighted, often leaving positive news such as Bitcoin charity works and other worthwhile endeavors unnoticed.

“Bitcoin is not about the dark side of the Internet. It should not be, and the increasing number of organizations dedicating their efforts to improve other people’s lives exhibits how Bitcoin becomes the tool for change.”

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