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What are Bitcoin faucets?

When it comes down to earning bitcoin, there are numerous ways to go about it. Some include buying the currency, accepting it as a form of payment for various services or products, mining the coin, betting the coin, or using something known as Bitcoin Faucets.

Bitcoin Faucets represent a reward system, usually employed by various websites and apps, where users are rewarded bitcoin in exchange for visiting the site, completing captchas, clicking on ads, or completing various tasks as indicated by the faucet.
The idea of Bitcoin faucets was initially developed by one of the leading bitcoin developers, Gavin Andersen, in 2010.

At this moment in time, faucets present various purposes including introducing users to bitcoin, getting traffic and gaining money. As an effort to reduce mining fees when sending out transactions, these small payments are pre-saved, only to then be sent as a larger payment. As they are high traffic sites, bitcoin faucets usually earn money from advertising, and some may introduce concepts such as referrals to further increase their network of users, and thus gain more traffic.

Usually, the payout sent per transaction is of roughly 1,000 satoshi, but there are faucets which offer higher rewards, such as Bitcoin Space Faucet and Free BTC Faucet . Another way to gain bitcoin would be by accessing various sites which display bitcoin games. These work similarly to faucets, as they reward users in exchange of playing the games. One relevant example is Bitcoin Mining Game .

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, if you’re looking for a quick way to gain some bitcoin, in order to experiment with the currency, you might want to give bitcoin faucets a try. Similarly, bitcoin games also represent an interesting choice. While the rewards are not huge, if you’re persistent and given that bitcoin value will rise, a good sum of money can be made by employing these methods.

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