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Worldcore Adds Bitcoin for Debit Card Top-Up via Bitpay

Photo: BitPay Card

Worldcore, a Czech Republic-licensed payment institution, began in June accepting bitcoin payments thanks to a partnership with BitPay. The digital banking firm will offer its over 7,000 customers the ability to use the digital currency to top up their accounts and prepaid debit cards.

Worldcore attracts, among others, international businesspeople who need to make affiliate payouts, emigrants, and travelers who rely on or send remittance payments across borders. This move by the fintech firm shows how companies in the digital banking space and in the cryptocurrency industry are converging on offering similar services as bitcoin becomes more mainstream.

“Our goal is to open up the global marketplace to businesses and consumers who aren’t served by legacy banking and are looking for cost-effective, innovative payment products,” said Worldcore’s CEO Alex Nasonov. “Bitcoin will allow us to reach more people with that mission. With BitPay as our new partner, it’s ‘Easier than you think.’”

“Worldcore is leading the way in providing comprehensive banking services for the digital economy,” said BitPay EMEA General Manager Marcel Roelants. “We think bitcoin can become the preferred method for international top-up payments, and we are excited to see how Worldcore’s customers will respond to this new payment option.”

Back in May Bitpay introduced its own Visa debit card, but only for its clients in the U.S .

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