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“SPECTRE Will Disrupt the Binary Options, CFDs and Forex Business”

SPECTRE is the world’s first broker-less trading platform that removes the broker from the equation and returns the power back to retail traders across the globe.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, SPECTRE’s liquidity pool is entirely owned by the ICO token investors. Profits are paid out to token holders instantly, resulting in a revolutionary change to the trading world and a new level of transparency.

Karan Khemani, CEO of SPECTRE, sat down to talk with Finance Magnates about the project ahead of its upcoming token sale.

Listen to the interview on SoundCloud or watch it on YouTube :

SPECTRE’s unique tokenised balance sheet model allows traders to trade 24 hours a day, acting as counter party to all trades. The pool pays out 2% dividends to token holders and 2% to the SPECTRE team as a technology fee, every time the trader takes a trade. The pool grows every time the trader loses a trade and shrinks (paying out 75-93% ROI) if the trader wins. All transactions are governed by smart contracts, meaning that the broker is completely removed from the equation, ensuring a new level of trust and transparency in financial trading.

Unlike trading platforms out there today (such as MT4/MT5/Spot Option/Techfinancials etc.), SPECTRE has a range of trader protection algorithms which help with emotion control, risk management, trade opportunity recognition and the ability to track one’s stats including strengths and weaknesses through time. SPECTRE learns traders’ weaknesses over time and alerts them when they are about to make a silly mistake.

The SPECTRE team has significant financial engineering experience across a range of asset classes with a focus on FX, equities and digital options.

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