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CoinDash Believes China’s ICO Regulations Are Good for Investors

CoinDash, the cryptocurrency social trading and portfolio management platform, has commented on the recent anti-ICO action taken by several Chinese authorities led by the the People’s Bank of China (PBOC). The company has also notified investors about an integration with cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC that added its CDT token for trading.

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Trying to reassure clients about China’s latest move, the CoinDash team explained: “The Chinese government is not the first to issue ICO related regulation and is definitely not against blockchain technology. One of the most advanced researchers and Blockchain technology leaders is the PBOC. We believe that the recent publication is meant to regulate fraudulent ICO activity in the blockchain industry. In the long run, this decision will benefit the space as funds will flow to quality projects and investors will be better protected.

CoinDash is not a Chinese company. Our Shanghai office will keep being active and we will keep growing our local operation. Ever since the beginning of this project we were very clear about the fact that CoinDash product, vision and company are here to stay. Nothing has changed.”

The team announced that the first integration for CoinDash is complete and that its CDT token is now listed for trading on the cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC. “One of the reasons for us delaying listing for a few weeks is due to the fact that we are currently working on integrating our platform with cryptocurrency exchanges, our first major listing is HitBTC.”

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