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Blockchain Platform Lykke Warns of Apparent Clone Company, Ykke

Lykke , a Swiss blockchain company founded by former OANDA CEO Richard Olsen, has just issued a warning to the public against a company that has appropriated the look and feel of the Lykke website, the Lykke logo, and other elements of its brand identity.

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Sergey Ivliev

“In the beginning of August we detected activity by a company called Ykke using the domain name The similarity of the design they used and their actions were noticed by Lykke’s business partners, customers and community members causing a lot of confusion and having the potential to cause a lot of damage for Lykke and its brand,” says Sergey Ivliev, Lykke co-founder and COO. “By this statement we would like to warn our customers and ask them to be careful.”

In addition, it appears that Ykke is engaged in raising funds through an initial coin offering for a digital token called a YKK. On its website can be found the following: “The main activity of Ykke is based on the crypto currency trading. We have gathered a professional team composed of traders, engineers and marketing experts. Having jointed efforts a new company was founded in January 2017. We offer a new quality level of service.” This despite not giving any indication of who exactly this team is comprised of.

Ykke ICO

Additionally, the website promises guaranteed profits, which is always a red flag: “To accommodate the needs of Ykke clients we provide them with favorable conditions and the highest level of service. We assume the risks involved in trading and guarantee our investors a fixed daily profit. High level of BTC volatility allows us to perform fast and efficient operating. In addition, we have achieved the possibility to distribute profits without delays to our investors.”

Lykke adds that it intends to pursue immediate legal action against Ykke for its  infringement of registered trademarks.

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