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Blockchain Consortium R3 Opens New Round of Partnerships


Blockchain consortium startup R3CEV is now accepting applications for new partners as part of a second round of engagements.

Launched in 2015, R3 has so far formed relationships with 43 major banks, with its initial round comprising 42 partners. This includes Banco Santander, JPMorgan, and most recently, Japan’s SBI Holdings , which became the first of the new round to announce it had joined earlier this week .

The startup had previously indicated its “initial window ” for partnerships had closed in December, but in an interview R3 managing director Charley Cooper reported that the second round officially opened last week.

He said SBI was the first to sign on, though he expects more announcements to be forthcoming.

Cooper told CoinDesk:

“The strategy hasn’t changed. We had always anticipated having a second round of engagements. We’re now in the process of talking to buy-sides, infrastructure providers and other potential partners.”

Cooper said that there is currently no quota set on the number of new partners, but that the emphasis for R3 is on adding non-bank members.

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