The 21 Bitcoin Computer is Now Shipping to Canada

21 Inc has announced that its mini bitcoin-mining and micro-transaction device, the 21 Bitcoin Computer, is now officially shipping outside the US.

The option is initially available only to buyers in Canada, however, new territories will open up for shipping “over the next few weeks”, the firm says.

21 Inc stated in a blog post  announcing the news:

“Shipping internationally is a first step for us as we look to build the foundations of a machine-payable web, where borderless currencies like bitcoin can thrive.”

The Bitcoin Computer allows users to mine bitcoin, set up machine-to-machine microtransactions for retail of digital goods and services and develop apps that use the bitcoin protocol.

It comes with a full copy of the blockchain, a number of sample apps and a command line interface that allows users to program the device, retailing for $399.

The device can be bought at the firm’s online store or via Amazon , though shipping to Canada is not yet available through the latter option.

In other news, 21 Inc recently released new software and libraries that allow high frequency bitcoin-based microtransactions between any pair of Bitcoin Computers.

Instructions for upgrading to the new suite are available here .

The firm added it will soon make available a free client to make this work between any pair of devices.

The company did not respond to requests for comment on the strategy behind its entrance into the Canadian market or which markets may be available.

Image via Shutterstock

21 Inc Bitcoin Computer