[Follow Along Case Study] Growing a Banner Advertising Network to 10 Billion Monthly Impressions

  • January 15, 2016

Hi All, So , this blog is being revamped to be a “bitcoin marketing blog“, i.e. it’s not going to be bitcoin news anymore, but focused around marketing strategy for customer acquisition within the bitcoin space, with a lot of the focus around actual case studies, often in real time about acquisition on our own properties for our advertising network, mobile apps, and free bitcoin web faucets.

I want to start with a bang, so this is a LIVE , follow along  journey to growing a new banner (and pops) advertising network to my target of 10 billion monthly banner impressions.

* I am writing the first 3 months/posts of this from retrospect as I’m in month 3 now and have hit 500million monthly banner impressions – 5% of the way there… I like setting myself giant, unimaginable targets.

000 My Background 000

Probably best to give a little background first, I’m Dan Bainbridge, I have a 7 year background in affiliate marketing as a publisher and this is all happening in the bitcoin niche – it’s a bitcoin focused ads network.

So for the past 6 years my experience is in the perosnal development niche – I still own and , they are white hat, nice sites, I have around 250k email subscribers and they brought in around $700k last year – I’m sure some people here could do more with them but it’s decent figures, I’ve written around 700 short-medium copy salespages in this time and we sent a lot of email – I’m pretty aggressive for that soft niche, but then I wanted to take things even further.

I was buying bitcoin at the time and just looking and reading up on bitcoin, I found the complete lack of “marketing done right” appauling – none existent’ no info products, no books, no training courses, no trading courses, no VSLs no email matketing at all, I couldn’t see any network of marketers.. I saw an opportunity, to step into this space and dominate it from an aggressive, grass roots, affiliate marketing perspective – to create the network of JV partners / bitcoin web masters and lead things.

000 Entry into Bitcoin Niche 000

This could get long but I’ll try and keep it short. I started building bitcoin faucets – sites that give out a tiny amount of free bitcoin. In the last year I’ve now got 3 of them – being the biggest, you kill aliens and earn bitcoin. It’s alexa ranked 9k , something like 20million page impressions a month. I have another 11k alexa – and another; which is 40k alexa (this one pays you in bitcoin to read books – supplied by an army of VAs scraping content from out of print books – I think we have 500 online).

These sites got big and popular (and along the way we added mobile app versions which are also popular, but thats a whole separate story), and I wanted to build an ads network, priced in bitcoin, sold in bitcoin to help me manage my ads inventory better, to take in a sponsor easier, to help change ads across all 3 sites in an instant.

I also wanted to design the ads platform with it in mind that other publishers can use it from day 1 and that it’s open for any advertiser to buy from.

There were existing ads networks in this micro bitcoin space, but again, terribly done with weird ways of buying and bidding, and often needing to micro manage spends to buy on each tiny niche bitcoin site.

I wanted to build the traditional cpm banner network (and pops too) and to have a run of network feature – so sure, you can pick your spot, but you can also just drop in $5k and take the whole network, all banner sizes in just a few clicks and receive traffic for 1-2 weeks. was born

* note – I bought this site from a rival, it was initially a bitcoin focused PTC site, but I moved this element off to it’s own domain so that is JUST a banner network.

I’ll write these posts daily for the next 3-4 days, so tomorrow i’ll write about my Month 1, further features we added, the ongoing build, stats and growth numbers in our first month and just our plans and thoughts at the time as well as I can remember it.