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Bitcoin Core announces new sponsorship programme

  • September 25, 2016

To further leverage the power of the blockchain, and to pave a successful future for digital currencies, Bitcoin is currently in need of more developers, but also people with vision, capable of coming up with innovative ideas, while also making their contribution to the bitcoin code.

Recently, as an effort of offering an incentive for such people, the Bitcoin Core has launched something known as the Bitcoin Core Sponsorship Programme. To put things better into perspective, the sponsorship will provide independent developers with funding and manpower, to make their projects come to life.

Currently, there are a couple of projects that Bitcoin Core wishes to focus on. These include infrastructure, infographics, generic program management, marketing, but also technical projects such as the flexicap blocksize, improving the block relay, networking code overhaul, fraud proofs, cost metrics, payment protocol and more.

Those who wish to get involved will receive both funding and human resources, to make their projects come to life, and further improve the state of the bitcoin network.
As decentralization represents an important aspect work keeping in mind, each project will be directly supervised by a project manager, who will be responsible for the resources put into the project, alongside with its success.

To help further sponsor the programme, Bitcoin Core is open to donations from large players on the market, such as industry participants, who are considering to help pave Bitcoin’s future, and to play a role in its current development.

At this moment in time, certain developers such as Gavin Andersen, working for Bitcoin Core, are already situated under sponsorship programmes, such as the MIT Media Labs programme.
Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you think about Bitcoin Core’s initiative? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.