BitClub Successfully Mines Their First Bitcoin Unlimited-only Blocks On The Network

It appears as if the BitClub mining pool has had a change of heart recently. Albeit the company mined a Bitcoin Unlimited block before, it was a slightly different type. To be more specific, it was a block that did not properly signal BU alone. That has changed as of now, with at least three BU-only blocks being mined by the pool in rather quick succession.

BitClub Supports Bitcoin Unlimited Now?

It is rather surprising to see BitClub still support Bitcoin Unlimited right now. When the pool mined its first BU-esque block, many people felt they were not committed to doing so. After all, the block signaling both BU and SegWit, which is rather strange. However, things have come to change, as the latest BitClub blocks only signal BU support. A total of three blocks has been identified so far, although it is possible more will follow.

It is worth noting all of these blocks  have their acceptance depth reduced to 999. In doing so, BitClub is now officially supporting Bitcoin Unlimited blocks on the network. It is an interesting decision, especially when considering community support for BU is dwindling as of right now. Mining pools alone will not get BU activated by any means. If the rest of the community doesn’t support it there is very little use for BU in its current state.

Over the past few days, it appears BitClub was mining purely SegWit blocks as well. It is unclear what is going on with this pool right now and where their allegiance lies. It is possible the pool is experimenting with both solutions, though. Another option is how they may enable mining for both solutions and let the miners decide on their own. Only time will tell what will happen to BitClub moving forward.

The way things stand right now, Bitcoin Unlimited has 35.8% miner support. SegWit only has 29.2% support. Based on these current numbers neither of these concepts will activate on the network, though. Then again, one never knows what may happen over the coming weeks. Rest assured the discussions between SegWit and BU supporters are far from over. Scaling bitcoin will remain a topic of substantial debate.

Header image courtesy of Shutterstock